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Re-Engineering Design and Development service

Xtroprecision has been engaged in several projects where our engineering team has re-engineered several custom engineered parts, and manufactured at the request of the customers. Our engineering team has also been engaged to design custom parts upon guidance by customers. Design projects usually follow the design process as below

  1. Defining the project and requirements
  2. Collect data and brainstorming together with customer
  3. Develop and design
  4. Get feedback from customer
  5. Manufacture free prototype with one of our dedicated machining centres 
  6. Send to customer and approve
  7. If approved manufacture in small batch prior to full production
  8. If not approved improve design

All our design projects come with a full non-disclosure agreement agreed by both parties.


Should you be interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss details or get a quote.