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Supply Chain Bottlenecks

The supply chain has become one big global bottleneck since the pandemic struck. Workers have been absent from their workplaces and production has slowed in several countries. This has led to a shortage in manufactured goods and also the related supply chain services. Many companies have looked to restructure their procurement strategies and looked to have more sustainable sources backed with reliable partners who have kept abreast with technology. We at Xtroprecision have embraced these changes and changed our operations to enable technology enabled manufacturing. At the core of our technology based digitilasation process lies a computer system that enables smart technology to communicate. Digital manufacturing starts with a 3D CAD upload and quoting and extends to manufacturing, supply chain management, and everywhere in between.
The basic process is listed below
• Submit parts for quote online 24/7 and receive a quote within hours or less.
• We send feedback upon your design from our design professionals
• Short lead times with prototypes to be trailed by customer prior to volume manufacturing thus reducing risk.
• Transfer online purchasing requests to with the click of a button. Orders are processed immediately
• High quality parts are manufactured as per your requirements.
• Check online for order statuses and updatesin secure environement. (upcoming)
• Digital thread brings transparency and speed from time of RFQ until the time parts are received on your dock.

At Xtroprecision we offer a network of machining centres equipped with latest CNC machines and quality measurement system spread in South East Asia. All are complying to ISO standards. This enables us to scale our product needs as per your requirements in a short time. Our digitalisation helps to acquire the same quality and accuracy from different machines.

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