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Leadpresses & Leadbackers

At Xtroprecision, we have been supplying leadpresses for over 12 years. The leadpress is a highly accurate manfucatured part made of high end engineered plastic, such as Semitron,Peek or Torlon. The use of a leadpress is usually to pick up and move the semiconductor parts from the input trays to the test site, and move back to the segregated tested trays once the test result is acquired. The importance of the leadpress comes from the fact the semiconductor packages such as TQFP and PQFP’s contains hundreds of tiny contact fingers. These fingers are usually very fragile and  subject to bending during test and moving around in the test handler. The scope of the leadpress is that the semiconductor chip is handled and tested without any damage or bending throughout the whole process. One must also keep in mind that, semiconductor tests are usually done at different temperatures, case in point semconductor chips are tested at highs of 150 Degrees celcuis, and lows of minus 45 degrees celcius. The range in temperature puts a high importance on the material used for leadpresses, where the material has to be an insulator, with high resistance to impact deformation but has to have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. At Xtroprecision we have designed and manufactured several leadpresses with the customers according to their testing needs.

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